The “New” California Township Public School opened October 15, 1930 with 191 students and 5 teachers. It was the first consolidated school in Starke County to be have all rooms on one floor.

To make up for starting late that first year, students went to school on Saturdays, Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day. They were given three days off for Christmas.

Six one-room schools in California Township were closed when the new consolidated school opened in 1930. Those schools were Aldine (Grace Parsons), Bass (Vernita Bortell), Benton (Leona Kane), Center (Grover Short), Maple Grove (Dale Short) and White (Mildred Cox).







“California Oh California, California, We’re all for you

We will fight for the Blue & Gold

For the glory of C.T.S. RAH RAH

Never Daunted we can not falter in a

Battle we’re tried and true

Oh! California, Oh! California Twp.

We’re all for you.”




Marlene Carlson, Pat Christian, Lois Collins and Judy Cowen - 1959

Center School had been located at the same site as the new school in the northwest corner of section 22 at the intersection of SR 10 and CR 300 E. It had been built in 1902.


California Township School closed as a public school in 1991, but remains open today as the Kankakee Valley Christian Center.


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Marvin Allen,  California Township School, 1954—1960

Starke County Democrat, Wednesday, October 15, 1930

California Township School Opened Monday”

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